The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke

- Jerzy Kosinski


Art Fusion Night (AFN)

Art Fusion Night (AFN) is a Kojac Legacy concept. It is a lifestyle, social-corporate, art/fashion and all forms of creative artistic event platform that showcases upcoming and established creative talents ranging from artists, designers, poets, musicians and many more forms of creative acts.

As much as AFN is about talent showcase, it is also about bringing unconventional and out of the box art and fashion experiences to the homes, spaces of our clients and audience. We help with creating business networking opportunities in an artistic environment and we give art and fashion lovers the opportunity to meet like minds in an unconventional business networking settings.

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Years Of Experience

What We Do

Art Showcase And Exhibitions

We bring some of the best art showcase and experiences to some of the most prestigious venues in Dubai. We have worked with clients such as Nakheel who are one of the biggest property developers in the GCC. We worked with them on a campaign to promote The Pointe, which is located on the iconic Palm Jumeirah. We collaborated with them to attract footfalls to The Pointe on The Palm. We have also worked with Dubai Food Fest and Capital Club in DIFC.

Fashion Shows

Art is a general term for all forms of creativity and fashion is not an exception to that. We host fashion shows, fashion pop-ups and fashion exhibitions. Some of our fashion related events have been at venues such as Nikki Beach, Intersect by Lexus, Conrad Hotel and Story Rooftop Internet City.


Our Music and all forms of entertainment festival is one of our biggest hits. This too place at Jumeirah Beach during the food fest and it attracted an average of 5000 footfall. We had live music, fashion pop-ups, cooking stations and cooking classes. This is usually a fun and family focused events.

Business Networking Events

Creating networking opportunities is one of our core values. As an Art and Corporate Social event platform, we work with clients to bring bespoke event ideas to their spaces to attract the sort of audience they need for their businesses. We work with real estate companies who need the footfall of our high-net-worth clients, and we work with brands such as Davidoff who need help with promoting a new brand that they wish to launch in the market. We also use our events as a means for business owners to meet prospective business partners. We offer entertainment opportunities that lead to business opportunities.

Art Distribution Opportunities

We help our artists with opportunities for their work to be showcased at outlets such as restaurants, offices with major foot traffic. This allows their work to be seen by buyers. We also help our clients to create art pieces tailored based on their liking and interests for their homes, offices, and venues.