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Art Fusion Night (AFN)

Art Fusion Night (AFN) is a Kojac Legacy concept. It is a lifestyle, social-corporate, art/fashion and all forms of creative artistic event platform that showcases upcoming and established creative talents ranging from artists, designers, poets, musicians and many more forms of creative acts.

As much as AFN is about talent showcase, it is also about bringing unconventional and out of the box art and fashion experiences to the homes, spaces of our clients and audience. We help with creating business networking opportunities in an artistic environment and we give art and fashion lovers the opportunity to meet like minds in an unconventional business networking settings.

What We Do



Our talent pool consists of all forms of creatives. We are called Art Fusion Night because of the fusion of creatives we have and we help them with performance opportunities and we also help them with showcasing their talents.

Many of the talents on our database were talents that never had major performance opportunities before they were discovered by AFN and today some of them are household names and some have gone off to winning prestigious awards in the art industries such as Emerging Artists of The Year (twice) at World Art Dubai…

Upcoming Events

31st March

1st April 2022

Art Corporate Social – With A Culinary Art Showcase

31st March

1st April 2022

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Art Fusion Night - FashionistArt Edition

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    I am always looking forward to Art Fusion Night. There is no other event like this where great entertainment, beautiful talent and socializing on a very authentic and relaxed level happen.

      Story Rooftop Lounge

      Event Partner

      We worked with MKO and the AFN team for about 3 different editions of Art Fusion Night and we can say gladly that there event is one of the best events we‘ve ever hosted at Sorry Rooftop Lounge

        Davidoff Cigars


        We worked with Art Fusion Night for a special event at At.Mosphere Burj Khalifa and they basically transformed the environment with the entertaining live art of the Dubai Exclusive cigar. This was definitely the highlight of the night and our guests left with a whole new amazing experience.

          Capital Hub


          Art Fusion Night is one of those thinking outside the box event we have had the privilege of hosting at the club. It is an honor to have hosted the platform a couple of times at the club and we look forward to working with them specifically for the diversity, and variety of art quality they bring to the table.



            Art Fusion Night is one of the most diverse companies to work with, MKO is always on top of his deliverables and exceeds expectations. We have worked together on several events where Art Fusion was responsible for providing Art galleries, Retailers, Musician artists and DJs as well as a Fashion show. Highly recommend working with them and we look forward to more collaborations in the future.


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