Kingsley Okpor (MKO)
Kingsley Okpor (MKO)

MKO is an Indie RnB/Afro pop singer songwriter

He is the founder, strategist and overall concept creator for AFN. He is an entrepreneur, influencer, an art enthusiast, with a professional background in HR, Paralegal, Business Management and event planning.

His passion for creative art is what prompted MKO to create the AFN platform. The mission and purpose behind the initiative was so he can have a platform to promote upcoming talents. A platform where upcoming talents can feel like ‘stars.’ A place their crafts can be appreciated instead of handling behind their own shadows. His achievement can be perceived through the success of most of the talents that had participated on the AFN platform.

MKO is available on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @mko_world

Eliqa Shaza
Eliqa Shaza
Creative Director

Eliqa is an independent filmmaker who has been in the film industry for a little over two years

Eliqa has worked on Hollywood films such as Star Trek: Beyond and War Machine and a few TV shows from CBS. The experienced Eliqa does more than just films. She also does videography and editing for events, music videos and corporate promotions.

The experience she had gained has been portrayed through the quality of work she produces and her ability to capture pure moments and raw emotions through a lens.
She graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Film Production in Dubai and she is passionate about telling visual stories in a very authentic manner. Her exuberance allows her to be remembered through the relationships that she builds with the people she meets. Eliqa is determined to continue her passion and gain recognition within the film and media industry.

You may follow Eliqa on Instagram @eliqashaza