The Prime Family


Impasto oil on a canvas 80cm X 50cm (2 in 1 Frame)

Family is the biggest institution in the whole universe, there is a lot to tell when we look at this king and queen of the jangle.
Dressed in blue as a royal colour, dark colours of fear, warm colours of danger and the cool colours of peace tell us of what happens behind the scenes in our families. The brave looks tell the nature of the animal while the texture in the artwork reminds us of the ups and downs that we see every day in family life. The half touch of each animal brings us to a symbol of love, unity and equality.
Viewing one of these animals while covering the other at the same time will show you how lonely it feels when a family is Brocken. Looking at both at once at the same time, you’ll see one strong solid animal portraying how strong a family can be when it’s together.

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