Smoking In Blind Fold


Oil on a canvas
Size: 116cm x 89cm


It was a very hot afternoon, I was relaxing with some friends having some chilled time over chilled discussions as I thought, we were all discussing to the point we didn’t realise we were all sweating, I wasn’t feeling well till one of them started coughing while smoking along with the rest of my friends. At this point I was compel to ask why they were all smoking in this high temperature and they gave their different reasons hence the title “Smoking in Blind Fold.” Everyone has his or her own reason but in the end you are “Smoking in Blind Fold”.

Smoking in Blind Fold: A teenager starts smoking at a very young age but has no idea what s/he is getting involved in. Over time, it becomes a habit, and quitting becomes very difficult and then he of she continues “Smoking in Blind Fold” without realising it.