Smoking Hand In Blind Fold


Oil on a canvas
Size: 116cm x 89cm

Smoking in Blind Fold – Painting Three: This is when old age has set in and the condition of the smoker becomes extreme as seen in his HAND holding the cigarette. The picture of the hand signifies the damage many years of smoking has caused on the inside but the smoker is in denial. Regardless of the fact that the smoker may have made it through many years of smoking, that would have been many years of back to back doctor’s appointments and many years of “Smoking in Bind Fold”.

Most individuals smoke for so many reasons. The first group smokes due to peer influence or pressure. The second group indulges in this act solely for the feeling or satisfaction it gives them.The third group takes part in smoking for climatic reasons. People who inhabit very cold regions of the world smoke frequently to keep warm (but this reason will not be discussed further as it has nothing to do with the issue under review – the paintings). Smoking in Blind Fold is basically your translation of why you indulge in this habit. No matter what your reasons are, you are “Smoking in Fold!”