Jones The Producer also known as (T. Jones) is a solo independent artist, producer and a mix/master specialist. He is “Jack of all trades (music related) and master of all.” He is also a member of one the most prolific Hip-hop and RnB band in The UAE S.O.S – Jones, is not a newcomer to the UAE music industry. His journey as an artist is one that must be followed closely because he is super talented.

Dr. Amit Asudani was born and raised in UAE. He is a man of little words but on stage he is a man of so many words. He likes to describe himself like this “I love Delivering smiles round the clock. Dentist by day, Stand-up comedian by night!”

Art by Zas is one of the most consistent talent we have had on our platform. We love having her on  our platform because regardless how many times she showcases on the platform, you can never get bored of her work because she push herself to bring something new to the table. She thinks outside the box. “I never limit myself because there is so much in me that I need to share through art”

De Cruz Band is by far one of those bands that will leave you asking for more. The exclamation “wow” is all you will be yelling-out when they are on stage.

Ace Signature is not a stranger to our platform. Their CEO Mr. Kamil Adeleke is a visionary. He puts a unique twists to all his designs. His designs always stands out. It could be the embroidery or the print of the fabric used but whatever Kamil puts out, has an “Ace Signature” to it!

Aden Clothiers are known for designing cloths that never goes out of fashion. They have this to say “why design cloths that goes out of fashion when you can consistently stay trendy. Fashion is a statement. Therefore you should always make trendy fashion statements in a unique and yet sophisticated way.”

Manjunnath can only be described one way “funny.” The certified personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist and also a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master NLP practitioner. Is gifted…

He is all the above and yet a master comedian. He sometimes, does theatre on the Dubai Stage, with groups like DDG, Short+Sweet. He has played roles like a 3-year-old baby in diapers, a Russian bride, Dracula who visits the dentist, a big Indian man bullied by the universe and almost bag ChewBaca’s role when Star Wars was shot in UAE.
His energetic no holds barred comedic style, has paved the way for him to become a unique comedic act. He is also known for doing Improvised Comedy with The Desert Players. And Stand-up with Dubai Laughing with shows like Theatresports Marathon, One Night Standup, Racy Desis, Beat The Gong, Yalla Laughs and King Gong. All these was achieved under his 4-years entry into the comedy scene.

Simeon Goodson is a native of Brooklyn, NY who has been performing in the

Comedy clubs, bars, and alternative venues of New York City since 2004. He

has performed at a variety of world famous venues including Caroline’s on

Broadway and The Brooklyn Academy of Music. In addition, he has

performed across the United States with the “Comedy’s Best Kept Secret

Tour” and as the opening act on the Hannibal Burress “Comedy Camisado


In August 2015, Simeon moved with his family to the United Arab Emirates

to further expand his worldview. Diving head first into the local comedy

scene, he was the winner of the Dubai Comedy Festival’s Beat the Gong

contest and continues to perform regularly with local and international

talent in the Middle East. He also has a debut live stand up album Manifesto which was released on August 1, 2015. His Manifesto was recorded at “A FunnyThing Happened”, a show that took place in the basement space of a lower Manhattan restaurant. In doing so, the album eschews the bright lights and glamour of the theatre district and is more representative of the gritty underbelly of the NYC comedy scene. Manifesto is currently available on all major digital outlets including  iTunes and Amazon.

Sammyoung is an award willing experienced producer and song writer. He has been in the game for over 3 decades. Sammyoung (a.k.a. Baba Onilu), can be associated with some of the big names (music related) in West Africa, East Africa and The UK. Sammyoung is currently running his music studio and label (Sweet Rhythms) in UAE.

Kakembo Sharifu moved to Dubai about 3 years ago. He got a job as a security guard. He was discovered through a friend of his at work. His friend (Leo Vince) saw him working on one of his paintings and introduced him to Victor Sitali (an exhibitor at Art Fusion Night) and MKO (the founder of Art Fusion Night). Sharifu finally reached out to AFN and that’s how he made his way to the AFN family. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a great opportunity for Kakembo Sharifu.

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