Fashion Designers

Kijie James Atelier

Fashion Designer

KIJIE JAMES ATELIER is a luxury made-to-order and ready-to-wear garments and accessories brand, based in Dubai and Nigeria. The brand strives to create statement pieces inspired by a fusion of pop-culture and traditional culture by using both traditional African prints and fabrics from around the world. The brand is, trendsetting with pride in heritage and a confidence in being innovative with everyday fashion and style

Ace (A’s) Signature

Fashion Designer

Ace (A’s) Signature began with an inspiration to create a new wave in fashion couture and designs using a blend of Traditional-African fabric and modern styles to deliver an Afro-image in men’s wears that the elite folk have come to love. Their mission is to forever stand as an emblem of sophisticated African fashion that is suitable for men across all cultures and age groups. Kamil Adeleke is the CEO of Ace (A’s) Signature.

The House of Nubian

Fashion Designer

“The House of Nubian brings a new trend to the Middle East, bringing a Fusion of African, European and Middle Eastern style to create garments that defines you. The Nubian Queen of old signifies strength, confidence, and leadership packaged in beauty. Our designs are for the confident woman who wants to stand out, we assure individuality through our release of seasonal one-off designs that will not be repeated.”