Victor Sitali

Painter – Fine Artist

Victor is from Zambia, currently living in Dubai. Deaf since the age of three. He was unsure of his future due to his deformity. But in the past five years, his world exploded in a way he could never have imagined:

“I was given a paintbrush and discovered I could paint…well, as a result this has led me to some of the successful exhibitions I have been fortunate to be part of in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Holland. This has also earned me an invitation from prolific UK Artist Trevor Waugh to receive mentoring, and increase my painting skills. The fact that I cannot hear has no doubt helped to fine tune my eyes to appreciate all things visual.



Venisse is a self-taught Illustrator and Photographer from Manila. She is well travelled and she loves nature. She is versatile when it comes to anything art related.
“I love taking spontaneous portraits and drawing Fairies. I also really love designing and constructing clothes. Flew from Manila, to the Netherlands, and now Dubai — She Enjoys writing and shooting content for blogs as well as Illustration, fashion & vintage photography.”

Art By Zas


We caught up with her and this is what she has to say about her work
“Art for me, goes beyond having the talent to paint. It is a lifestyle for me. I resume my day by living and breathing art. Art, is my getaway place… A place where I can express my feelings and inner being.
My inspiration comes from people’s inner soul; the energy they transpire and of course from music and nature. In order to understand my art, you must feel it.”



She is someone who finds travelling as a way of inspiration.
“Travelling is often an important theme in my work. My rich traditions; my Nigerian and western African culture as a whole is also a key factor in my work. You will find elements of other cultures been illustrated in my work due to my exposure into other cultures while living abroad and travelling the world. My work speaks about my journey in life and often shows tell elongated figures, faces of African women lost in deep thoughts; following the sun”

Waleed Shah

Photographer and Digital Artist

Waleed is an Entrepreneur, a photographer and a digital artist who is adored for his Creative Thinking.
“I started my career working in the oil and gas industry (I Studied Chemical Engineering). During this period, I slowly started discovering my love for photography. I had to follow my passion the minute I realised how much I enjoyed bringing people’s vision to life through photography. My journey as a photographer got recognised by Fujifilm Middle East and I am honoured to be called an Official Fuji-X-Photographer.
I was born and raised here in UAE and I hate when people start a conversation with (where are you from…?). My life as a photographer is picture perfect.”